Hongen Education, as a seasoned OEM & ODM provider, has been making it very easy, convenient and efficient to be cooperated with. By using our advanced Touch & Talk technology and sound design service, we can make your products irresistible to your customers!

Touch & Talk technology makes books come alive!
1. Any text or picture in a book can be associated with a voice, a conversation, a song or a sound effect
2. Interactive games can be created to further enrich the learning experience
3. Any book, poster, cartoon, sticker or other printed product can be made Touch and Talk capable


Hongen Education and Technology Co., Ltd. provides quick, affordable and reliable service:

1. The audio to pen conversion process is very affordable. With large orders of the pen, conversion can be included - absolutely free!
2. Making materials "Touch & Talk" capable costs the same as conventional printing; there are no additional printing costs


Touch & Talk compatible printing helps protect your content from unlawful copyright infringement!

We do everything necessary for long-term cooperation. Based on our professional OEM & ODM service, customers earn good reputation and competitive advantages with the effective reduction of total cost and marketing cycle.

Please email us at:  hongen.edu@gmail.com

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