Pen Related

How does it work?
By simply adding coded dots to existing content, the Touch & Talk Pen is able to recognize patterns and associate them with pre-recorded sound files stored inside a SD memory card in the pen.

What are those technologies involved in the "Touch & Talk" Pen?
The Touch & Talk Pen technology uses CCD scanning technology to recognize the printed K-layer which hides the index data in a 2D serial codes.

What is the battery life of the pen?
The battery life depends very much on the usage intensity. Our testing shows that after every recharge, the pen can be used continuously for more than 2 hours.

Can we customize the design of the pen?
Certainly, the design of the pen can be customized according to your requirement. A certain cost will be applied for the development. If the order quantity surpasses a specific amount the development cost can be refunded to you.

Can we simply change the color of the existing pen and logo?
Yes, the color of the pen can be changed according to your request. We also allow customer to design their own logo to put on the pen, so long as you are not selling the pen in China. The cost associated is minimum if not for free.

What is the minimum order quantity of the pen?
There is no minimum order quantity of the pen. But if the one-time order quantity is large, the unit price per pen will go down. Please contact us for details.


SD Meomory Card Related

What is the possible memory size of the cartridge?
Currently, the SD memory comes in 2GB. Theoretically, it can be in any memory size that is available in the market.

How many books can a 2GB SD Meomory Card hold?
Currently, the 2GB SD meomory card of My Reader contain over 100 children's books inside.  It depends on the content of different books.


Content Conversion Related

Can any book be converted into Touch & Talk capable?
Yes, in fact any printed material can be converted to Touch & Talk capable products by simply adding a layer of coded dots during the printing process.

Will that cause any extra cost?
No, adding the coded dots in the printing will not cause any extra cost.

Can the printing be done by any printer shops?
Yes, it can be done by us or printer shops designated by the customer, but we recommend you to monitor the process to ensure printing quality.

Who will do the conversion from regular books to Touch & Talk capable books?
We will! If the order quantity surpasses a certain amount, say above 10K, the conversion cost will be zero.

How could we specify what needs to be made Touch & Talk capable, i.o.w, how to define the areas to be made Touch & Talk capable?
For simple applications, a word document specifying the items, areas, pictures, texts that need to be made Touch & Talk capable would be enough. However, for complex application, where interactive games are planned and customers would like to get involved in the creation process of the Touch & Talk contents, we welcome you to send a person over to join the development or complete a detailed requirement document that we provide.

What will be delivered to us after Hongen Education has made everything Touch & Talk capable?
We will give you the films for printing if you choose to use your own printer shop and the voice content that is loaded in the audio cartridge.

Who's going to do the audio?
We recommend customer to use their own audio content, but we can certainly provide service to record voices, sound effects and ambient sound according to customer's needs.

What is the requirement on paper quality?
It is recommended to use 80g copper paper and thicker copper paper.

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