Overseas Distributors Wanted

Products Introduction:

Hongen Touch & Talk Pen and its compatible children's educational audio-books;

Educational toys: "Children's Story Teller" and Learning & Playing teaching aids

The copyrights of all above products are owned by Hongen Education And Technology Co., Ltd.

Agent Requirements:
Hongen Education invites resellers to share in our success through the distribution of our products via the Internet and/or in local markets. The reputation of our company is of the utmost important to us, and is therefore backed by the assurance of superior product quality combined with the industry's best and most attentive user support. We make our products ever more reliable and miss no opportunity to ensure that our products are always practical and easy-to-use.

As a leading Children's educational product enterprise in China, Hongen Education and Technology Co., Ltd. is presently looking for international partners in distributing "My Reader" Touch & Talk Pen and its relevant audio-enabled educational books outside mainland China. We seek in our overseas distributor qualities as follows:

1. Legitimacy. The distributor must be legally registered and existing under jurisdiction of substantive law in its country or anywhere its business activities take place.

2. Capacity. The distributor must be under proper administration and have the power in promoting, marketing, selling, importing the products.

3. Financial strength. The distributor is expected to be adequate in funding necessary to perform well in regard of promoting and selling of the products.

4. Diligence. The distributor is expected to work diligently in order to secure minimum performance.

5. Loyalty and good faith. The distributor under no circumstances shall act in contradiction of the core interests of principal company or jeopardize our brand image.

The appointed distributor shall obtain in return the exclusive right to sell our product in its territory of business, and be guaranteed supplies of products with stated below features:

1. Highly practical. Over 6 functions including touch-reading, replaying, interpreting, interactive games, muti-books selecting, flash disk all combined in one pen-shaped gadget.

2. Easy to handle. Children of any age can play with the pen once switched on, no extra parental assistance required.

3. Speedy response. OID (Optical Identifier) technology ensures the pen to talk in authentic pre-recorded voices no sooner than visual objects in the books are gently touched by it.

4. Portable. Size and shape also contributes to the marketability.

5. Massive digital storage. Flash disk format and memory up to 2 GB.

6. Stable function. Anti-static technique applied to keep the pen's functioning from being impaired by heat, moisture or other conditions.

7. Safety measure. Healthy design and abscenc or neglectable amount of toxicant, radiation, sharp edges

8. Boundless resources. Hongen is one of the biggest educational content provider, owning its own copyright and also licensed by many famous international publishers, such as Longman, Disney and Leapfrog. The content developing capability maintains a stable and sustainable resources

9. Immuned from piracy. Our engineering and artistic superiority, along with special security treatments, gives the product immunity from being vulgarly imitated.

For further information, please write to: hongen.edu@gmail.com

Or dial: 86-10-52043940

Agents Required for the Following Countries: outside China mainland


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