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Intelligent Story Teller
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Suggested Age: 0+



1 Story Teller +1 Operating instruction manual + 1 Reading essence brochure + 1 Optical data disk + 1 Data line



Hongen Story Teller HS20 one of the Playing & Learning teaching aids created by Hongen Education, with comprehensive functions and massive contents, which fully cultivate children’s Chinese-English bilingual expression, divergent thinking, imagination and music feeling ability.


1).1688 Chinese-English bilingualism, multi-disciplinary audio sources

2).Cartoon look: CCTV animated star Bolooloo appearance, loved by the children.

3).Three modes: Storytelling machine mode, clock mode and FM radio receiver mode.

4).Four functions: Story interaction function, little night-light function, clock function and favorites function

5).Environmental protection material: Excellent environmental protection plastic, which fully comply with international safety standard of toys

6).Massive audio sources: Grand total 8 types, 1688 Chinese-English bilingualism, multi-disciplinary audio sources.


Interactive function: Unique interactive functions– children listen to the stories and answer interesting questions, enjoy themselves into the stories!

Night light: The top of Bolooloo’s head changes colors in the night along with the changes of sounds rhythm, children are not feared with dark and loneliness.

Alarm function: Alarm clock wakes children up every morning!

Favorites function: Put children’s best love into the favorites, and enjoy!

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