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Early Education Story Teller
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Suggested age: 0-6

Specification: 1 story teller + 1 remote controller + 1 user’s instruction book +1 data disk+ data line


Quick Details

  • Type:Other Educational Toys
  • Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:Hongen
  • Model Number:Hongen Eraly Childhood Story Teller HS40
  • Educational toy:Earlr childhood Educational toy/learning machine
  • Comprehensive contents:1300 games,stories,songs, rhymes and others

Earlr childhood Educational toy learning machine Teaching aids Comprehensive contents: 1300 games,stories,songs, rhymes etc.


Hongen Early Childhood Story Teller HS40 is a core high-tech educational products for toddlers’ early education everyday,it breaks the traditional language learning way,but the new way of interactive activities between the machine and toddlers, which make toddlers integrate themselves into the situational scenes, an innovative  learning way for toddlers all over the world!

Reasons why choose Hongen Story Teller

The most authoritative approval and recommendation

The most responsible contents

The most professional bilingual dubbing

Super break-resistant, safety guaranteed

Environmental and safe materials, safe for baby to bite

Cartoon appearance, hot broadcast on CCTV, deeply loved by kids

Can be used as loudspeaker, more interesting in link functions





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