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Talking Encyclopedia Gift Pack
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Suggested age: 3-12

Specification: 1 TTP-316 reading pen+ 6 audio books+ 2MP3 + 48 cards+ 1dice+ 1 hourglass +1 pair of 3D


Hongen Talking Encyclopedia is our first encyclopedia on the market and as with all Hongen products is designed to the highest standards. Talking Encyclopedia consists of 6 volumes each with a different focus group while all utilizing the same principals and strategies to teach your children in a fun and effective manner.

Using our 3-steps ladder learning methods consisting of visual, knowledge, language, music, emotion, point and read, games, tools, tests and bilingual attributes, we can assure you that your child and possibly even you will find it hard to put these books down. Whether your child is interested in animals, plants, the solar system, technology or biology there is something here for all kids and having 3 stages of difficulty. Talking Encyclopedia will be an invaluable resource and companion for your child from age 3 all the way to age 12.

With hundreds of games and thousands of sound effects and extracts consisting of 300 pieces of classic children’s music, 500 English sentences and over 1000 explanations which add up to 20 hours of listening time, children will be well on their way to learning more about the world that surrounds them. The vivid and vibrantly colored pictures combined with all these sound effects will have your child’s imagination immersed into the scene creating the feeling of actually being in the page. It’s like having a museum in the comfort of your own home!

When you buy one of our volumes it’s not just a book you get. This package can come with a whole host of other accessories from 3D glasses and poster to the reading pen which is designed to be used alongside the audio books making this encyclopedia the first ever to incorporate this technology thus giving your child an even more active and fun learning experience triggering the potential to question, research and find out more about the world around them.

Key words Highlights Benefits
Comprehensive encyclopedic knowledge Knowledge of five fields: animals, plants, science, nature and living. Such as: How many days shall the elephant be pregnant? Why there is thunder? Where do I come from? Children know the world more and curious to explore more about the wolrd.
3-steps ladder learning methods 3-steps ladder knowledge points are suitable for kids with different ages.
Age 2-4: pictures speak and sound interesting when click, childlike and living bilingual language of the orange sentences cultivate children’s language ability;
Age 5-7: more pictures and black pharagraphs explain more knowledge;
Age 8-12: magnifying lens with more abundant knowledge, even with stories and songs.   
Scientifically designed according to different ages, obviously good results are good for children’s thinking development at different ages.
Bilingual Practical oral English is integrated into wonderful encyclopedic knowledge. More than 500 frequently used oral English, over 300 English words, feel and learning English when reading encyclopedic.
Rich literary forms build a good foundation for primary school writing Break down the traditional uninteresting plain and straightforward way for encyclopedic.
Put narrative, poetry, prose and other literature into encyclopedic.
Cultivate children’s Literary Quality.
Marvellous sounds More than 300 world famous music, plenty of classical music recitals.
Thousands of beautiful knowledge interpretation with more than 20 hours sounds.
Perfect combination of fancy sounds and wonderful music, such as animals’ yell, sounds of musical instruments and voice of the nature.
Different voices from different roles at different environments.
Lots of wonderful and fancy sounds and music make kids enjoy their reading, to cultivate children’s musical quality from the very young.
Double spread real scene Substantially real scene build a kind of immersive visual impact. Good for kids to know well about the real living environment and habits of animals and plants.
About 100 games Numerous thematic games and experiments, including Bolooloo searchlight, 3D glasses, 3D drawing paper design and so on. Increase learning interest, practice children’s observation ability, cultivate their ability to solve problem, explore potential ability, to achieve double increase of knowledge and ability.
Educational cards Keynotes on the cards for easy carry, calculate time by the hourglass in the Pack. Learn anytime anywhere, practice children’s quick response and fast memory, and test the learning results.

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