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TTP-218 Reading Pen
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Suggested age: 2-12

Specification: 1 pen+ 1 charger+1 warranty card+1 data line+1 instruction book

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:Hongen
  • Model Number:TTP-218
  • Capacity:8G
  • Color:green
  • Tone quality:excellent (A1800/MP3)
  • Recording:record function
  • Battery:rechargeable battery
  • Story teller:yes
  • Volume control:Multi-level Volume
  • DIY:Content and sticker DIY

China Top Brand and First Class Quality reading pen: Sunplus Chip and Sony Camera built in, State Key New Prouct

Hongen Reading Pen TTP-218 (Teddy), a lovely high-tech learning product specially designed for children, brings storybooks and learning activities vividly to life. It makes children's love of reading never be so long to wait before they can read – and its benefits can last a lifetime.

Touch and Talk Technology

Hongen’s Touch & Talk technology “prints” the sound into the papers, which breaks the limitation of tapes and CDs, and transfers the sound into data, paper into media. Thus, the books can “talk” with children when click with a reading pen. Children can explore different preschool skills with every book in the Hongen library. Touching the books by the reading pen, every page, every picture, every word and every paragraph can make their sound and guide the children to learn.

All in One

HONGEN dedicated in education for children aged 0~8, publishes the series of audio-enabled books which cover the necessary subjects for early education, such as English, Chinese, bilingual books, reading, art, music, nature and math. Hongen Touch & Talk Pen and its supporting audio books provide millions of parents with the one-stop service. Reading pen makes children’s learning fun and easy!

  • The amazing Touch&Talk technology of Reading Pen encourages children's passion of reading as characters talk, pictures sing and stories vividly speak out!
  • Hongen library includes nearly 1000 books and hundreds of games within the supporting educational materials.
  • Hongen storybooks and learning activities help children build vocabulary and reading skills when learning English and Chinese languages.
  • Children learn to read through an exciting, interactive experience and get prompt feedback from the reading Pen.


Lovely Appearance: Popular cartoon character Teddy  loved by children

Easy to Use: Simple for children to operate on their own

Fast to Recognize: Built-in camera to touch and talk instantly

Replay Function: Make learning more efficient

Reasonable Design: Perfectly sized for children’s hands

Large Memory: One reading pen for all supporting books

High-quality Audio: Recorded by native speakers

Interactive Games: Learn while playing with diverse interactive games

Hongen Reading Pen Series:

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