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Suggested age: 3-10

Specification: 4 English audio books + 4 CDs + 4 Animation movie DVDs

Quick Details

  • Type:Audio Book
  • Audience:Children
  • Genre:Education
  • Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:Hongen
  • Model Number:Phonics--audio books for reading pen
  • phonics:English pronunciation
  • talking:audio books/talking books
  • rhythmical:rhythmical chants, songs, sroties and games
  • memory:visual associations

Phonics is designed and developed by many excellent English educational experts and teachers, specially for kids to learn and master English pronunciation through phonics.

Totally 4 levels from the easy to the difficult, step-by-step phonics teaching and practice, well-structured and carefully paced introducing 3-4 sounds at a time. Associative memory makes kids master the pronunciation of 26 English letters and 65 monograms easily. Rhythmical chants, songs, stories and games make learning interesting and fun.



Learn 26 English letters and their pronunciation easily by visual associations.

Complete system and reasonable arrangement make it easy to master the pronunciations of the 65 combinations of letters.

Rhythm by rhythm learning method, strengthen pronunciations and cultivate language sense through 82 dynamic children’s songs.

379 core words, 630 practical words, supported by mass pronunciation exercise, the learning result is remarkable.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
·The recognition and pronunciation of 26 letters and their basic natural pronunciations
  • 26 alphabet songs
· 5 short vowels
· 21 consonants
·26 phonics rhythm songs
·5 long vowels
·5 vowels connected with letter “r”
·33 combination of consonants
·19 phonics rhythm songs
·22 vowel letter combinations
·11 phonics rhythm song




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