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Bolooloo American English Gift Pack
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Bolooloo American English Gift Pack (with reading pen)

Suggested age: 2+

Specification: 1 TTP-216 pen+32 English audio books + 8 DVD+ 4 CD +1 bilingual diagram+ 4 testing papers + 400 cards


Bolooloo American English is guided by the immersive environmental teaching and multi-dimentional language learning methods, age-appropriate 1600 daily American English sentences are designed into stories,songs and games, which lead kids master and speak American English naturally, enhance kids’ language learning ability and self-thinking ability comprehensively!

Star products, more than 20,000 kindergartens are using now! Bolooloo guides you into the Green Dust!

Two worlds here, the Realistic one and the Green Dust!

Key words: Highlights: Benefits:
Hot broadcast on China Central Television Children Channel Has been broadcast in the program of “Tree of Wisdom” CCTV Children’s Chanel for two years, Bolooloo and the Green Dust is quite loved and popular by all the children. Authorized by CCTV, quality guarantee.
Two big prizes The nomination award of the 11th Beijing Film Academy
Excellent animation movie award of the 17th Shanghai Television Festival
Appreciated by the society from the form to concept, the best for kids.
Double 4-ring repeating 8 times Repeat is necessary for language learning. The repeat of this set of books is quite ingenious---- 4- ring repeat of animation movie: story presentation----story review ---- interactive question & answer--- energetic songs; 4- ring repeat of books: key sentences---- role reading---- interactive game----energetic songs. Different formals of repeats for the same language, generally speaking 6 times repeat is enough to remember in heart, but this set of books repeat for 8 times. 8 times of effective repeats, it is easy to learn and skillful to remember.
EQ training, habit formation 64 daily life stories, focus on EQ training and habit formation, just like Bolooloo usually says:” there is always a way”, which teach the children to insist on when meet any difficulties, not give up, use your brain, there is always a way. Good habits include: don’t be picky for food, take care of toys, wash hands before meals etc. Age 2-7 is the gold period for EQ training and habit formation. Kids are easy affected by the companions, it is necessary to build an open and positive character from the childhood.
Daily life American English, simple and useful All stories are based on daily life, convenient for kids repeat and memorize, the repeating design of books and animation movies make children easy to see, to listen and repeat, east to be a native speaker. Learn little by little, children can do.
Excellent textbooks for high-end bilingual kindergartens Matching textbooks “Bolooloo and me” are popular by more than 20,000 high-end bilingual kindergartens in China. Professional, scientific, systematic, learn original American English at home.
Difficulties increase gradually, from words to phonetics Systematic knowledge: Book 1-16 focus on words through stories, words strengthen again and again in stories. Book 17-32 focus on phonics, strengthen spelling ability. It is the first choice for learning American English step by step.
Situational teaching Standard American English pronunciation, learn words and sentences through stories. When you click the roles, the first time, it is English, the second time, it is Chinese. Pure American English learning environment.
bilingual picture dictionary of 1000 words is quite useful for children aged from 2 to the 3rd grade of primary school Supplementary learning tools for animation movie and books. A picture dictionary of 1000 words.
The result of learning can be tested Test the learning result by interactive games. Interesting methods to check the results of learning.
Learning result
By learning this set of books, children can master more than 400 words, 1600 daily life American English, 64 humorous stories, 32 beautiful songs, 32 interactive games, the ability of listening, speaking and reading reach the level of grade 1-3 of primary school.


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