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My Big Word Book
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My Big Word Book – Level 1 & 2 cover 14 most practical topics selected for children, including vegetables and fruits, food, daily necessities, the world of animals, colors and shapes, body and actions, nature, transportation, dinosaurs, my ABCs, numbers, Chinese poetry, pinyin and my day. Photographs of related items with the associated word and Pinyin help young readers categorize objects and connect words to images. Sections on colored shapes and nature broaden young readers' educational horizons even further!

Feature One: A "talking" book.

Join Hello Teddy's four adorable cartoon characters (Teddy, Kitty, Puppy and Nicky) who are there to make learning fun for kids, helping them to acquire knowledge in a refreshing, joyful way. Along with the My Reader Pen, the posters will help children develop their ability to focus, increase their confidence, enhance their self-study abilities, and help build their creative skills through practical hands-on learning.

Feature Two: Interactive Games.

Each page contains an interactive game, simply by touching the icon of "Find Me", children can enjoy the fun of exploration. The various questions can improve not only their English, but also the ability of categorization, generalization and logical thinking. When the children answer the questions correctly, they can hear the encouraging responses which will enhance their confidence in learning.

Feature Three: DIY a dice and play a race.

There is a set of black and white activity cards and dice artwork. Children can compete with their parents and turn the big books into a chessboard! Share the joy and creativity with the family!


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