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Hello Teddy(Family Education Edition)
Package includes:6 books+6 DVDs
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A famous product for children to learn English and Chinese with its cartoons broadcasted on CCTV for years!

1. Compatible with My Reader Talking Pen 

2. 6 books+6DVDS 

3. Ages: 2~7 years

4. Introduction

Hello Teddy (Family Education Edition) is a breakthrough in English language learning—imaginatively exploiting how stories, letters, phonics, songs and pictures can work together to create understanding. The aim of the series is to teach concrete vocabulary, basic structures and daily expressions of the English Language to children who are beginning their study of English. Student's listening, speaking and reading are developed through the use of themes appropriate for children's age group. These themes are presented in exciting stories created to motivate learning and provide enjoyment.



Excellent preschool learning methodologies

Fun and hilarious stories

Unique TPR real show

Learning phonics by chants

Scientific       Closely follow preschool education researches and practice, adopt several learning methodologies – TPR (Total Physical Response), Difficulty Decomposition and Multi-intelligence Theory.

Systematic     Learn by themes and progressive curriculum, including 48 topics, 48 songs and 48 chants. 

Authentic       Appropriate themes for children's age group. Real surroundings and situations in everyday life.









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