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Mini Reader Gift Pack
Package includes:1 reading pen+3 books
Trim Size:25.6 x 18.8 x 7 cm
Published Year:2010


Mini Reader Gift Pack

Entertains toddlers while helping them learn age-appropriate skills. 

Foster a lifelong love for reading at an early age! The Hongen Mini Reader encourages toddlers to engage with books through word pronunciations, dialugues, appealing music, sound effects, and catchy tunes. Designed for toddlers ages 0~4, the Mini Reader uses the touch&talk technology to allow toddlers to interact and explore the pages of the book with a touch of Mini Reader. Each Mini Reader book teaches different age-appropriate skills such as counting, colors, animals, my clothes or my food through playful activities and up to 300 audio responses.


1) Set the stage for reading. The Mini Reader encourages toddlers to explore while helping build confidence with books;

2) Each Mini Reader board book introduces a different preschool skills;

3) pictures and fun sound effects encourage children to take charge;

4) As they touch any part of any page to bring words, pictures or activities to life;

5) Preschool skills such as the alphabet, counting or social play through playful book-based activities and more than 1000 audio responses


1 Mini Reader:

The Mini Reader's quirky shape and animal-like appearance attracts a toddler's attention. The large knob design makes it easy for toddlers to hold it in their tiny hands. With its durable exterior, the Mini Reader can withstand a toddler's rambunctious use over many years and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The Mini Reader's optical reader is cleverly designed so that fingers cannot touch the sensor. The batteries are safely stored behind a compartment that closes securely with a screw. A volume control button with low/medium/high settings and a repeat/pause control button are located below the speakers on the front side of the Mini Reader, while a conveniently placed on/off button is on the side. An “entertainment button” in the middle of the front side will bring 3 either stories or songs or poems automatically. The speakers provide good, clear sound with little distortion. As a battery-saving feature, the Mini Reader will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity.


3 toy books:

1) Each board toy book introduces a different preschool skill: "Baby Colors", "Baby 123 & Animals", "Baby You & Me"

2) The brand-new toy books with colorful illustrations and interesting narrative;

3) The thick, durable board book construction is made to last;

4) One of more than 1000 responses: songs, interesting sound effects, questions, amusing sentences, or reading aloud the text.

5) Children can spend hours playing and exploring the different responses on every corner of the book.


1 Manual

A bilingual (English and Chinese) manual book is included with detailed instructions.

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