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The World in the Eyes of a Child
Package includes:6 books + 5 DVDs
Trim Size:28.2 x 27.8 x 6.4 cm
Published Year:2007

Age: 0~3

"The World in the Eyes of a Child" is another new-century gift following our famous "GOGO" offered by Hongen Company to the children of our society. This set of educational Video CDs caters to kids below 6 years of age. By showing them a vivid and colorful world using multimedia methods, it helps very young children establish their major learning traits and obtain a great deal of information, thus improving their intelligence at all levels at the most crucial stage of human intelligence development.


· To stimulate the development of kids' intelligence through various senses:
By perfectly combining image, sound and action, the advantages of multimedia learning have been fully exploited to create a real world for babies to discover. The kids will develop their intelligence by exploring things around them through their senses such as listening and looking.

· To cultivate the discovering ability of kids in various ways.
Cute cartoon figures, beautiful pictures, and easy-to-read children's songs as well as creative stories all add to the development of infants' perception and speaking abilities.

· A scientific mode for acquiring knowledge.
In view of the fact that infants are quickly distracted and weak in perseverance, every section of the learning process lasts only 10 minutes. The "Guess It!" series is designed to improve childrens ability to respond and strengthen their memory through questions.

· Bilingual teaching in English and Chinese.
A proper bilingual teaching method has been employed to cultivate the kids' senses in both Chinese and English.

· Melodious music accompanying the teaching process throughout.
The accompanying music is beautiful in melody and brisk in tempo. It improves the kids' ability to appreciate beauty, to imagine and to create.

· A compressed encyclopedia for kids.
It is rich in content and description, including almost all the knowledge that should be known by infants below 3.


· Common things that kids see in daily life, such as daily necessities, electrical equipment, the human body, clothing, vehicles and crafts.

· Some basic abstract concepts that infants should known, such as color, shape, numbers, antonyms.

· Animals including fowl, birds, insects, sea animals, polar animals, etc.

· Common fruits and vegetables, such as apples, bananas, grapes, tomatoes.

· Some classic stories and fables, infusing kids with the quality of truth, virtue and aesthetics.

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