Magic Teddy
Package includes:8 books+4 DVDs+2 CDs+4 story handsheets
Trim Size:30.8 x 22.8 x 4 cm
Published Year:2010

A new best-seller of Hongen Education for children to learn English with its cartoons broadcasted on CCTV!


 Magic Teddy is a set of all-round family English learning series. Totally different from former English teaching materials, it is a distinctive and integrated family guide book, which has a set of its own system. In the set of the book series, not only the words, sentences, stories, and songs are displayed, but what's more, a systematic and scientific English learning method is provided for children. The whole set of books start from the main character that the children are familiar with and love, and then guide the children to learn English in the tone of activities, step by step. Thus the children accomplish the learning target for each book in very exciting activities.

This series of books skillfully integrate English study with natural science. It explains the profound and abundant natural science to children via magic English stories. Also, it guides children to do and experience the magic scientific experiments themselves. It has made a breakthrough in the overlap of children science books and children English books.

The whole set of books contains 8 volumes with 8 levels in total. Apply it with My Reader Pen and just with a gentle touch, you will have much fun. 

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